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MOSAICS, CANDLES, PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURES makes mosaics, sculptures, icons, wall and floor decorations, mirrors and frames, pieces of furniture and hand-painted candles in Teramo.

makes mosaics

Ceramic photos

Various printed ceramic works: magnets, party favours, mugs, small paintings, boxes and refined gift ideas with your favourite decorations.

Silver rosaries

The rosary is an object belonging to the most ancient Italian religious tradition and Alessandra D’Andrea interprets and transforms it into a jewel, embellished by gemstones and crystals.

silver jewel
customized key fobs

Key holders ccreates amazing, coloured and unique pendants, which are always elegant and original, a perfect artistic gift idea. 

A life dedicated to arte

Alessandra D’Andrea has an innate passion for art. She studied arts at high school and then she specialized in frescoes and decorations and soon started to work for the decoration of the church of Penna di Sant’Andrea. Her artistic career continued with a series of works made in cooperation with the most famous mosaicists and then she decided to take up this career path, attending a course for Mosaicists and Project Managers in Ravenna.

In 2002 she inaugurated her studio She makes mosaics in Roseto degli Abruzzi, articles and sacred objects, both for public and private customers, interior design items, sculptures, painted candles and decorations.

The artist, who has never stopped her technical and personal development, is often called by prestigious customers to make complex works, like the Gallerie del Mosaico in Rome and the church of San Bernardno in Teramo. Today, in addition to the mosaic technique, Alessandra D’Andrea has chosen to try new experiments in painting, figurative arts and multimedia techniques.

The artist


An ancient and fascinating technique

Mosaic art is applied with a technique which requires not only excellent artistic skills but also remarkable manual skills and a deep knowledge of the various materials. The artistic technique has not changed in time and implies the creation of the mosaic surface in small portions. The original sketch must be covered by mortar and then the tesserae are laid on it. They are made of the favourite or the most suitable materials for the type of work. Nowadays the materials used for the mosaics in Roseto degli Abruzzi are smalti, marbles, pebbles but also metal, wood, iron and special and original elements, like glass or squares of sugars. The choice of the material is related to the final effect: marble has more chromatic varieties and is suitable for walls and floors. Glass reflects the light very well and is suitable for artworks and sculptures, natural materials (stones or wood) are perfect for charming compositions, installations or scenographic wall decorations. The mosaic is fascinating both for its production process and for its final effect, it represents one of the most ancient artistic and cultural traditions in Italy with a significant presence in the most important contexts of religious art..

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