Hand painted candles
in Roseto degli Abruzzi

Large size hand decorated candles with sacred themes

In the Italian tradition, Easter Candles are the symbol of resurrected Christ, they are the burning lights which confirm the new life given by the Son of God to men, through His death and resurrection. In the Catholic liturgy, the candle is brought in a procession towards the altar, meaning we are following the resurrected Christ, the only true light of the world. Mosaicromie.it by Alessandra D’Andrea makes hand-painted candles in Teramo, usually 1 mt or 1.20 mt long. They are rigorously hand-painted on gold foils put on the candle itself as coating or directly on the wax, which is previously protected by a special varnish. The themes are the classic themes of the Easter and Christian liturgy: the cross, Christ Pantocrator, the sacrificial Lamb, the face of Mary. Upon request the artist can make any other theme, using candles of different sizes, smaller or with a larger diameter. Important symbols for the church and the Christianity, the decorated candles are very precious art objects, also given their material, pure wax. The creation of hand-painted candles in Roseto degli Abruzzi is one of the artist’s main activities.

creation of hand painted candles

Creation of hand-painted candles