Interior design items in Teramo

Unique and refined objects to decorate your house

Art is not only the representation of sacred themes and the decoration of large-size architectures, but it is also a way to complete the style of the place where you live everyday with serenity and good vibes. The interior design items in Teramo made by bring the fascination of light, art and natural and precious materials in any house. They are refined objects made in a very elegant way, glass mosaic centrepieces and murrine, vases made of mirror and coloured glass tesserae. Apparently they are simple objects, but they involve a long research process for the choice of the materials and colours and for the technique used, which is not easy at all. The artist creates also some ceramic and wooden objects, mosaic frames for mirrors and photos, vases of various sizes, decorative objects and interior design items in Teramo, conceived to embellish any room with elegance and originality, mosaic pictures with bright colours to enlighten rooms, offices or the hall of an apartment. Elegance and lightness are always part of Alessandra’s works, these two elements cannot be left out if art is used to create interior design items.

interior design items

Lilac tray of knickknacks-hedgehog red centrepieces - Linee di luce vase