Istituto San Francesco

The mosaic made for the tabernacle of the Istituto San Francesco in Vasto Marina

The second work commissioned to Alessandra D’Andrea by the Capuchin Friars of Assisi was the realization of a mosaic representing the sea at dawn, to decorate the Tabernacle of the church of the Istituto San Francesco in Vasto Marina.

This large-size work covers the whole wall behind the altar of the Istituto San Francesco and symbolically represents the coast at dawn. Entirely made of a mosaic, with the typical colours of the sky, the sun and the sea, the most intense and charming shades of blue, golden yellow and aqua blue and with the representation of the movement of the waves and the beach, it has a special light when the red lamp of the Tabernacle is lit. Alessandra D’Andrea makes large-size indoor and outdoor mosaics also for important customers, but she considers any request by private customers who want her to study and create mosaics and paintings for any type of spaces and sizes.

sea at dawn and tabernacle

Sea at dawn and Tabernacle