Creation of sculptures and paintings in Teramo makes mosaics and artworks using various techniques by Alessandra D’Andrea, thanks to Alessandra’s deep knowledge of the artistic technique and her desire to continuously evolve and experiment unusual solutions and the emotion of trying new creative processes, makes artworks for big public and private customers who are free to choose among the products available in the artist’s studio or decide the theme, colours and materials they prefer. Among the sculptures and paintings in Teramo made by, the most important ones are the bas-reliefs inspired to the classic sacred iconography, the faces of Christ or Mary, the crucifixes or the typical icons of the Eastern European culture, made with the ceramic bas-reliefs technique with golden or burnished silver foils on a pure golden background or with white golden tesserae. The artist makes sculptures and paintings in Teramo which are completely customizable. She makes the clay mould and then the rubber or gypsum mould. To confirm her passion for sculpture, the artist, when she graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti in L’Aquila, made an amazing sculpture series dedicated to the “capital vices”, consisting in seven elements made of seven different materials.

Bronze praying Jesus – Silver praying Mary

Bronze praying Jesus – Silver praying Mary

How the sculptures are made

The sculptures are made from a clay mould which is hand.-worked and shaped with the classic modelling tools, like spatulas, knives, rasps etc. Once the object is shaped, it must dry in the air in order to proceed with the moulding.

The mould can be made of various harder materials, like gypsum, or more plastic and pliant materials like silicon rubber which is the one she prefers.

Once the mould is finished and it has become hard, a more rigid and containing counter-mould (gypsum) is made around it, in order to pour or spread the final material of the sculpture (in the picture we see the pouring of warm wax inside the rubber mould).

gypsum sculpture made from a silicon rubber mould

Gypsum sculpture made from a silicon rubber mould

bronze sculpture made from a silicon rubber mould

Bronze sculpture made from a silicon rubber moulda

mosaic coated sculpture

Mosaic coated sculpture with mother-of-pearl and white glass paste tesserae on a gypsum mould