Printed ceramic creations in Teramo

An innovative system for an old technique

For many centuries ceramic has held perfection, mastery, history, tradition, and above all everlasting emotions. It was produced for the first time by the Chinese during the Tang dynasty. In the following years, thanks to the improved techniques, the imperial dynasty Song decided to create royal factories to produce it. 

However, the composition of ceramic has been a mystery for a long time and for this reason it was given magical virtues: actually, thanks to its compactness, no bacteria can proliferate. It was also defined “white gold” and it became a very precious and sought after product.

The first traces of the existence of ceramic in Europe date back to the 13th century when Marco Polo, coming back from his journey to Beijing under the dynasty Yuan, imported a sort of proto-ceramic, a white- or brown-coated hard-paste ceramic. The technique of ceramic printing is extremely reliable and long lasting and it is also inalterable in time, even if it is exposed to sun, ice or any type of pollution.

Printed ceramic is obtained printing (with a special printer) the images, previously elaborated on a computer with Photoshop, on the ceramic object with a ceramic ink. The object is then fired at 850/900°C in special ceramic ovens. The colour pigments on the ceramic object are cooked at those temperature and reach a double vitrification which makes them inalterable in time..

The application opportunities are numerous, as you can see from our creations, ranging from pictures to interior design items, digital mosaics etc. Any object can be customized, all the ceramic objects you are used to see can be customized with your image.

A new development concerns the application of this procedure to print ceramic tiles with various shapes and dimensions. This leads to the creation of beautiful mosaics, made of tiles of various sizes, which can be used both indoors or outdoors.