Neocatechumenal items in Teramo

Cross brings palm fotoporcellana

Printed ceramic cross palm holders with the creed prayer, cases for prayer books and gospels, ex-voto hearts and small stoups: at you will have a wide choice of neocatechumenal items in Teramo, all hand-made by Alessandra D’Andrea, sculptress, painter and mosaicist. She is today continuing her artistic career experimenting new techniques and intertwining the tradition of the sacred art and religious iconography with the most innovative digital art techniques. In this context she creates her neocatechumenal items, in addition to mugs and plates, small boxes, frames and all the other objects, not only the religious ones, available at Cromie studio. Crosses, ex-voto and religious items are made with the printed ceramic technique: a special printer which prints on the ceramic object thanks to a special ink and then bakes the decorated object at almost 850°C. With this procedure, which is similar to the traditional ceramic oven baking process, the colour is vitrified and fixed on the ceramic object forever.

The creation of neocatechumenal items in Teramo is only made with high quality materials.

hearts countertop

Ceramic printed heart-shaped holders