Party favours in Teramo

Decorated objects and small ceramic boxes

Whatever the occasion is, whether it is a wedding or a baptism, a confirmation or a communion, a graduation or an engagement party, or another moment which deserves to be remembered with the distribution of party favours, the ceramic favours decorated and made by with the ceramic printing technique are the best choice: they are original, beautiful, refined and have an excellent value for money. Rounded, geometrical or heart-shaped boxes, cases or charming frames: at, the artistic studio by Alessandra D’Andrea, mosaicist, sculptress and painter, you will be spoilt for choice. The creation of party favours in Teramo is made with the ceramic printer, an innovative and dedicated printer which uses a specific ceramic ink and then fires the item at 800/900°C in order to fix the colour on the ceramic object, as it happens in an ordinary oven. The choice of drawings offered by the artist is wide, but also accepts requests with precise instructions by the customer for the choice of colours and themes of the decorations, to create charming party favours in Teramo.


Printed ceramic casesa