Silver, gemstone and Swarovski rosaries in Teramo

A patented collection of jewel-rosaries

The rosary is a typical object belonging to the Italian religious tradition and an object which has always inspired many artists and creative people: we all have an old rosary in one drawer, which belonged to our mums or grandmothers, made of various materials, ranging from wood to coloured glass, from quartz to pearls, from stones to crystals. Having a deep experience in sacred art and in using the most unusual materials to make her works, Alessandra D’Andrea, with her studio, makes silver, gemstone and Swarovski rosaries in Teramo

It is a collection of original and elegant jewel-rosaries, accessories to wear on your neck, arm or finger. They are beautiful as gift ideas or they can be collected and worn.’s rosaries are available in many different versions, including the patented and exclusive Venezia collection, which has become famous also outside Italy. The materials are all very precious: silver, pearls, original Swarovski crystals, gemstones. An unusual and non conventional object conceived by an innovative artist like Alessandra D’Andrea. Silver, gemstone and Swarovski rosaries in Teramo are made with passion and creativity.

Semiprecious stones

Our production of 925 silver rosaries is very exclusive, our most famous collection Venezia has been patented, filed patent n. 2238378.
In addition to neck rosaries we make also arm rosaries, rosary rings and neck crosses.