Rosary rings neck crosses in Teramo

Silver and gemstone rosary rings

In order to combine the most traditional sacred art with the most innovative shapes and to create unusual objects which recall the aesthetics of the past in their shapes and materials, the studio by Alessandra D’Andrea makes rosary rings neck crosses in Teramo with the brightest and most charming colours. They are made with quality materials and anti-oxidant silver. The rosary is the typical element of the Italian religious culture and it is common, at least among the souvenirs of the past, in all families. Our grandmothers were used to bring it with them, but maybe also our mothers. The ring rosaries created by Cromie are funny and elegant and they will satisfy the most difficult tastes and the most complicated requests. They are available at the studio in a great variety of colours, but it is always possible to ask for a tailor-made model or a special colour. The studio makes ring rosary neck crosses in Teramo with top quality and long-lasting materials.